Social Events

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Walk in SAS Nature Reserve. Sat 11th August

The walk was well supported with over 25 people doing the various trails in the reserve. There were some late arrivals and the navy couldn’t tell me final numbers. The chilly fog cleared by mid morning and the daisies threw open their multi-coloured petals to absorb the warming sun. The spectacle did not disappoint. This was is contrast to our walk two years ago in overcast skies and light drizzle at times. The ‘Health’ app on my phone said I did over 9km walking to the lighthouse and back round the academy.

What was noticeable was the lack of game. These might not have survived the drought or been relocated (like those, I am told, at Postberg). Nonetheless it was a day people enjoyed … “something different”; “really appreciated the initiative” etc.

Sadly there were some casualties. Vernie was seem limping since Saturday afternoon, Frank lost the path and suffered minor injuries having to ‘bundu bash’ back to the car park, Albert showed signs of dehydration – people say he didn’t stop talking, Faan’s glutes were threatening to go into spasm which clearly changed his gait. Craig Middleton had a gout attack in the morning so he was a non-starter.