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Opening Cruise
Some excerpts from April 2022

A Star is born…….Tango makes the Headlines………!

Nexus just chilling and waiting for the tide…………Yes, of course it was on purpose!!


Panthera …. What a beautiful setting!!!

RCYC Raid: Saturday 26 Feb……..

What a pleasure being allowed back to North Bay. It must truly be one of the nicest anchorages in the whole country. Our thanks again to Captain Madonsela and our facilitator Commander Luigi le Roux of SAS SALDANHA for granting permission and to also to go ashore. 14 yachts and their crew participated. Most played follow my leader navigating the southern passage through the numerous buoys of the aquaculture farm — no incidents there. Entertainment started watching yachts anchoring – Angel could not get a bite and eventually, Peter exhausted, rafted up to Tango. Sea Breeze’s crew also needs that refresher course. After dragging twice, Charlotte and yachts downwind of her opting to re-anchor at a safe distance, they finally got a holding and were the first ashore with their heavy cooler boxes. The last to arrive was Heidi in her Holiday 23, Bernoulli. She showed the boys her skills by anchoring under sail!

Simon did the rounds and donated each boat a bottle of wine with the compliments of RCYC. His outboard was just in desperate need of a service. It always cut and he drifted off just as he approached to hand over the bottle making this no easy task. Most joined ashore and could sit and wriggle their toes in the pristine white sand or go for a nice walk. Trevor was heard saying ‘it is too heavy’ – to drag himself, RIB and 15hp outboard onto the beach alone!  Then the departures: George and crew on Sea Breeze successfully loaded their now much lighter cooler boxes and the ladies, but alas the gents proved more difficult … after falling in the water they launched themselves aboard the rubber duck with engine set at a good half throttle. Unfortunately one hit the outboard which turned 90 degrees to take them back to shore at speed. There was enough wind for a gentle sail back to the club.

In the evening fires were lit, bar tabs opened, Diana and Trevor’s salads and breads laid on the table and the Saldanha ‘geseligheid’ took over.  Speeches from Gavin and Simon for RCYC and a few fun prizes enhanced the gathering. Serenity was under the impression they had, by reaching North Bay, at last left the Saldanha Bay heads … they were sadly corrected as they were in fact well east thereof. As a commiseration they were honoured with a roll of loo paper — of assistance when they do find the heads! Alan Haefele is a difficult man to reward. He retired from the Mykonos Offshore. Now at the last Raid after a back injury he was given a year’s supply of Viagra ‘to get it up’ (to lift the spinnaker pole). Sandy advised this is potentially addictive … so Alan was given the appropriate antidote … a non-alcoholic cordial called ABSTINANCE.  Much fun and laughter continued into the wee hours. A really enjoyable day and thanks to all that contributed.

Fantastic that Saoirse, Silhouette and Cinderella safely reached St Helena after a mixed bag of too much wind, too little wind, big swells, excitement, despair and all emotions in between…..

We salute you all, a wonderful achievement…you are making your dreams come true!!!

Paternoster Equinox Cruise: 19-21st March

Paternoster remains a beautiful destination. Besides the protected anchorage, there are the numerous restaurants, access to a long beach and the quaint west coast cottages. The winds were unfortunately light all weekend so it most mostly a motor sail up … or spinnaker run for the more adventurous! Johan on Tango went ahead on Friday and played master of ceremonies posting arrivals on the Whatsapp group. There were 15 vessels at anchor on Saturday night: 6 from SBYC, 7 from POYC and a of couple unknowns. Serenity received a warm welcome – this being their first cruise out of Saldanha. Adrienne endured the long trip up, while Frank enjoyed it! Sunset drinks ashore overlooking the anchorage ended a memorable day.


Again Sea Breeze was the source of some consternation. George likes to live on the edge. Late to arrive at the anchorage he muzzles in closest to the slipway … for easier access to the shore facilities. Alas, it was the top of an equinoxal spring tide. Next morning at LW all the boats had swung round in the gentle onshore sea breeze. Our Sea Breeze found herself meters away from a rock not visible on arrival!


Jolly Roger and Tango left on Sunday, the others on Monday. Sundowner Rose developed an airlock in fuel leads to both engines — were we destined to remain in Paternoster? Mike Hopkins kindly came aboard … but said he was more familiar with motorcycle engines! A farming friend camping at Tieties Bay came to the rescue and we were the last to leave. “Ek ken mos vir trekker enjins” he was heard saying. Another motor sail back in a lumpy sea. It was worth it for the crayfish and the camaraderie of a cruise.

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