Safety Regulations, including CoF information

This is an important document from SAMSA.  Please read it to ensure you know what is now expected of you at your next slipping of your yacht.
MN 9 of 2016

Before a CoF can be done the following requirements must be met

  • The boat must be registered with SAS in the owner’s name
  • Check sheet must be completed – all pages – and be ready at the survey
  • Payment to SAS must be made and proof provided at the time of survey
  • Ship Station licence must be on board (if not boat will be restricted to cat E)
  • EPIRB’s where required must be registered with ICASA and MRCC where an EPIRB is not required but on board it should be registered. Owners may be required to demonstrate the test feature on the EPIRB
  • Life jackets for cat A and B and for night sailing must conform to level 150N (inflatable 150N life jackets have been approved)
  • Night sailing always requires a life raft


Please refer to for inspection check sheets, see link below: